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About Us

Ballistic Artisan is a one man shop making one of a kind items out of ballistic leftovers, mainly projectiles, cartridge cases, and a life long passion for ballistics. A strong family is behind the one man mystery whipping up these unique products between the twilight hours. Inspired by daughters, and their love of art, one thing led to another as they seem to do in all of our stories.

The girls made some custom molded crayons and sold them at a local event. Making the front page of the paper motivated them to say the least. Custom molded crayons led to playing with resin and the twilight man's love of ballistics found themselves cast within. Family and friends saw some early mistake ridden designs and insisted that more be made, and offered for purchase. It's grown from there and here we are, hoping to share some interesting products with those that love ballistics as much as we do, well, at least half as much.

Family is more important than business. Regardless of the level of demand, time will not be taken from family for business, we hope you understand that. Twilight to twilight offers opportunity as kids sleep and the chores are done. Since each product created is unique, ordering multiple quantities of a product is impossible. It can be attempted if requested, but not guaranteed. This one of a kind product helps keep the business family balance in the green.

From time to time a stray product may find it's way for sale. Not a rifling engraved bullet traveling at Mach 2.1, but a custom crayon, craft, or other creation sprung from that childhood spirit that fears no failure. Those inspiring daughters mentioned earlier are an ornery bunch and can't sit still long enough to not make something! The concept of business was not entertained until much later in life for the twilight man, but that's no excuse not to teach the next generation what great opportunities we have in this wonderful country. What better way to do it than include them, the girls are involved in as much of the business as their age allows, and they love it.

If you'd like something special or custom made, please let us know. Thank you for you're time and interest in these products we hope you enjoy.